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Ice Cream Sculpture

Description: Fun date idea!

Ice Cream, in either brick or tub shape
Chocolate, Caramel and/or Strawberry Syrup
Coconut, chocalate chips, peanut butter, or whatever other toppings you think will work in your artwork
Baking Sheets, aprons, knives, forks, and whatever other implements you might need

Directions: Can be done by individual couples as a competition or as a whole group. Take ice cream out of carton or tub, start sculpting. Add toppings to conform to your vision of art and taste.

Date added: vie. 26 may. 2006

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Bart Gibby | dom. 30 jul. 2006 07:43:33

This is awsome! Some of my friends and I did a "World's Largest Ice Cream Sundae / Eat Like Your Favorite Animal" date. we had about 8 couples and every one brought the cheepest ice cream and topping they could find and we put it all on cookie sheet (we couldn't find a bowl large enough for it all), then we all eat like out favorite animal. It was the bomb! Did you guys have any prizes to the winner of your Ice Cream Scuplture?