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Curtis Gibby is a husband, father, programmer and journalist, in that order. (At least I hope that's the priority list, but once in a while it gets messed up.) The content of this site mostly reflects the first and second parts of that list. You can check out my web and journalism work on my resume. Read more on the About Me page.

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Rip-off report

Fri. 12 May. 2017 07:16:44 PM

I started shopping for a network-attached storage device several days ago, after a hard-drive failure on my main home computer wiped out most of the stuff I've done in the last year. All of the major online retailers had ... Read More

A free lunch

Wed. 18 May. 2016 07:05:00 AM

[caption id="attachment_826" align="alignnone" width="640"] Bart knows how to birthday.[/caption] I don't get as many birthday freebies as Bart Simpson does, but I think that I've signed up for more than most people. It takes a special kind of shamelessness to ... Read More

What's so awesome about Sublime Text?

Mon. 18 Feb. 2013 04:50:31 PM

Everything! Sublime Text lives up to its name -- working in this editor truly is sublime. Far better for me than Notepad++. Jeffrey Way of Nettuts+ has put together a great series of video tutorials that show you how to ... Read More

Like using a shotgun to kill a fly

Thu. 15 Nov. 2012 08:16:44 AM

For years, I've been using programs to replace small snippets of text in my programming. I type `z and the program outputs cd /var/replicate/Replicate/trunk/app and hits enter for me. This is much faster than typing out the whole path (even with Bash tab ... Read More

The Force flows through all things

Sun. 11 Nov. 2012 12:07:57 AM

Since my kids recently watched the Star Wars movies for the first time (in preparation for our family Halloween costumes this year), I've become acutely aware of its influence on our popular culture.  I'll see some reference to the ... Read More