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Me with our new plasma TV
480 x 270
Date last modified: Thu. 28 Aug. 2008

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Curtis Gibby | Thu. 28 Aug. 2008 07:42:24 PM

We got a very good deal on the TV, thanks to, which turned us on to a great Best Buy deal and a hefty rebate from Panasonic.  All told, we got a 42" Panasonic TV, a Samsung DVD player/home theater system and the installation -- for just about $700. We'd been looking at TVs for quite some time, planning to get one maybe during Black Friday, but this was too good a deal to pass up.

Best Buy screwed up our order, so we had to sit through literally hours of phone support to get what they'd originally promised us.

I'm very excited about our new television -- much more so than Sarah.  We bought it last week, but the Geek Squad guys couldn't install it until this Tuesday, so I had to see it just sitting in our living room in its box for a whole week.

I made Sarah take a picture of me with the TV, but what was showing on the screen wasn't in 16x9 format, so I made her take it again.  (And for extra geeky goodness, notice the dimensions of the cropped photo.)


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