Not quite visions of Sugarplums

Sarah and I spent Christmas Eve night at my parents’ house. Audrey was in the little toddler bed next to our bed. Sometime in the middle of the night, she started talking.

“Bob the Builder. Can we fix it? Bob the Builder. Yes we can.”

We’d never heard her talk in her sleep before, so that was pretty funny for us. She was also talking about her cousin Emma in her “pink suit” — new footie pajamas opened on Christmas Eve.

On a semi-related topic, my cousin Heather mentioned on her blog that with her daughter growing up, this Christmas Day was “probably the last time we’ll get to begin opening at 8:00am for quite a while“. I replied, saying that we slept as late as we wanted on Christmas morning. When we adults finally got up, all the kids (Tyler, Andrew, Audrey and Emma) were still asleep and we had to wake them up to open presents.

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