I married a handy girl! (or, The story of the swing set)

Sarah has always been very resourceful, which has been a great complement to my inherent cheapness during our marriage. Last fall, as she was going to visit her sister Becca in Sandy, she saw a swing set by the side of the road. She wanted it and she got it, even if it meant carrying it down the street to the Curzons’ while she was 6 months pregnant.

We disassembled it and brought it to our basement for the winter. Just a couple of weeks ago, we put it back together and stuck it in the ground in our backyard. (Sarah can now add cement work to her list of home-repair talents, right next to her previously acquired skill with tile.)

Now Audrey has a great place to play in our yard and all it cost us was a couple of bucks for the cement. I’m very proud of Sarah.

Audrey plays on our new  swing set

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