Let Us All Press On

Since I built this web site, I’ve taken it as a source of pride that I created all of the major functionality from scratch: blog, pictures, links, and so forth.  I learned that I could do it on my own.

But since I’ve started using WordPress in other applications, I knew that I wanted to use it for my blog here too.Wordpress There are just too many cool features that have already been developed by the WP community that I would never get around to coding on my own.  So I’ve moved all of the posts from my old blog to a WordPress install, and I’m in the process of bringing over the old comments too.  (One casualty was the blog entries in Spanish. I hardly ever bothered to write in it anyway.  Lo siento, amigos venezolanos y mexicanos.)

Did I trick you into thinking this would be a motivational post about following the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  Sorry.  I like being clever with words.

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