I’m an Apache warrior!

I’ve finally gotten everything on my web site working more or less right. The address redirection took a bit of tweaking in the Apache configuration files, but I learned how to do it. Now there’s a couple of things I might do with filtering, and I definitely want to change/update the playlist… and oh yeah, I should look at why the dates in Spanish aren’t coming out in Spanish… and I really should fix all the ugly source code… and I should validate my HTML… but that will all happen soon enough.

Update: I still can’t figure out why the locale settings aren’t working on my machine, but I’ve got most of the other bugs worked out of the system. Now if only I could access the PHP MySQL Admin page…

Second Update: A quick bit of Googling let me know how to configure the locale stuff… now I’m trying to figure out how to make the CD burner work. And if only I could access the PHP MySQL Admin page… (I’m getting pretty proficient in entering my SQL by hand).

Third Update: Jordan got the web site onlne, and now I can read this blog with a regular blog reader (my personal one is http://www.bloglines.com. Not too bad.

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