A new venture – West Valley Web

I’ve decided to start a freelance web design company to help small businesses in the Salt Lake Valley (specifically the West Valley City area) get online.

Since I speak Spanish, I’m especially trying to find latino-run businesses whose owners might be intimidated by the Internet. Of course, I plan to deal with both English- and Spanish-speakers.

The name that I chose for it is West Valley Web — for two reasons: first, I wanted something geographic for people to identify with a specific place; second, I needed a name that Spanish-speakers could easily remember, say, and spell.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been building the technical side and putting together the content of my pages. I’m using a traffic-sign theme on the site because my slogan is “Put your business of the fast track of the Internet.” The whole process has sharpened my Photoshop skills considerably, because I’ve done all the graphics myself.

So head over to http://www.westvalleyweb.com if you need top-quality web design at a surprisingly affordable price. OUR PRICES ARE IIIIINNNN-SAAAANNNNEEEE!

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