My take on Fall TV 2007

We’re still enjoying some of our favorites from the last couple of years (The Office entering season 4 with PB&J hooking up, Earl in jail for season 3, too much happening on Heroes season 2 to recap), but Sarah and I have also been sampling some of the fall TV shows. Here’s what we think:

Chuck has been oversold on NBC all summer, but favorable reviews from the critics made me want to look into it. In the two episodes we’ve seen so far, I’ve enjoyed the nerd humor and the spy story. Sarah thinks it’s too violent and she doesn’t buy Yvonne Strzechowski as a CIA agent — she thinks she’s too young. We both agree that Chuck’s slacker persona (and haircut) remind us a lot of Jim Halpert from the Office. Verdict: Curtis yay, Sarah nay.

Next up, Reaper on the CW. The premise is a little out there: a guy has to become a bounty hunter for the devil on his 21st birthday. We both like Sam and his friends, and the budding romance with Missy Peregrym‘s character. (Sarah was the one who noticed she was the lead from Stick It, then IMDB told us she was the shapeshifter Candice from Heroes. I love you, IMDB.) We’ll see how long they can keep up the humor. Verdict: We’ll keep with it for now.

Completing the nerd trifecta (I must have dredged that one out of my subconscious, having read it on an old Snide Remarks column), we have The Big Bang Theory about two nerds and their hot neighbor. I had to check it out but I knew that Sarah wouldn’t be interested at all. In the promos, I hadn’t recognized Johnny Galecki as Becky’s boyfriend David from Roseanne, but I really like his character. There were some funny moments, some things you’d have to have some background in science to get, but overall the show is just too sitcom-y for my taste. Verdict: I’d watch if there were nothing else going on.

Finally, we had heard good things about Pushing Daisies so we were excited to watch the first episode today. We weren’t disappointed — the idea for the show is fresh and fun, the visuals are really interesting, and we like the sweet little romance. Verdict: We’ll watch it as long as it stays on the air — but with a show this different, there’s no guarantee of that.

I had looked forward to Carpoolers, Back to You, and a few other new programs, but after reading poor reviews, I decided they weren’t worth my time. Your thoughts on anything good I might have missed? Feel like dissing one of my picks? Do so in the comments section below.

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