Early-morning musings of a 9-month-old

Based on real events of the morning of Nov. 1, 2008

What’s this? I’m awake all of a sudden.   Judging by how dark it still is, probably about 4:30 in the morning.   So long as I’m up, the rest of the family might as well be.   Let’s start wailing to see if it’s Mom or Dad who’s lucky enough to come visit me.

Hello Dad!   Thank you for picking me up and holding me.   I like it when you stare me down like that.   What do you think you’re doing, putting me back in bed?!?   I may be infantile, but I’m not an imbecile.   You didn’t give me what I wanted: FOOD!!!   I’m just going to yell until I’m not hungry anymore!

What are you trying to put in my mouth now?   Oh, a sippy cup with formula in it?   I’ll give it a few sucks out of mere curiosity, but I’m more interested in looking around the dining room.   I might remind you that I already rejected this sippy cup earlier this morning, until Mom finally relented and gave me her milk instead.   You should remember, since it was you who got out of bed and brought me to Mom.

Back to the crib?   Are you really going to play this game with me, Daddy?   I’m hungry!   Oh good, into bed with Mommy.   More real milk for me!   Good night everyone!

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  1. RandyNo Gravatar Says:

    Great stuff, Gibby! I feel my 2 month old son as similar musings at about that hour of the morning also. Can one really call it morning, though!?

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