New beginnings

Today is a big day for me and my family.   Today I start my new job with E-Harbor — doing PHP programming for an e-commerce company.   A little bit different from what I have been doing at RM Plus, but not too much of a change.

My other exciting news is that I’m starting a new small business, and not surprisingly, it involves the Internet.   It’s a personalized Concentration-style matching game called   You upload your photos to the site, and then build the cards from those images and any descriptive text you want to add.   Then when someone comes along to play the game, you have extra little surprises that pop up when they get a match or finish the game.   That could be a different photo, it could be a longer description of what’s going on in the picture, or it could be a YouTube video. sample game

The best way to see what I’m talking about is to actually play the sample game (which is also the reason I wrote this in the first place, as a substitute for my family’s standard Christmas card) or one of my other featured games.   Then go create your own game.

The “small business” side of is selling printable versions of the games.   A PDF download that you can print on your home computer costs just $3.95, while a professionally-printed version starts at $19.95.   I think these would be a very fun custom Christmas gift.

I really want people to play my games, to create their own games, and to share them with others.   I explain more about why and how I built the site, and how you can interact with it, on the About page of   Please go check it out!

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  1. RenaeNo Gravatar Says:

    Good luck with your new jobs! I love memory games! (Mostly cuz I kick booty) I’ll have to try yours out.

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