Hawaii – Day 2 – Church and Getting Oriented

This morning, the resort held what they called an orientation for new guests, but seemed to us more like a meat market for companies to come in and pitch their services. They held a raffle for each company, and Debbie won a 5-hour boat trip that we were already interested in anyway, so we decided to all go and split the cost of the three tickets. We also decided to do a plane tour of the island (rather than the touted helicopter tours that are $80 more per person) and get $100 off per couple by going to a timeshare pitch.

We went to a Christmas craft fair this morning near the Spouting Horn blowhole near Poipu, which was further away than we thought it would be. Sarah got some earrings and Debbie found some trinkets, and we were less than impressed with the blowhole.

We got back to our condo and over to the church (right across the street from the Pono Kai) in time for the first testimonies in Fast and Testimony Meeting, but not in time for the sacrament. The testimonies were very impressive — much less irrelevant crap than you’d hear in a testimony in our ward, and more meaningful expressions of love for the gospel and for family.

We were glad that we went to church, but we didn’t stay for the other two hours. Instead, we came home and had a nap. (We were really tired after a 23-hour day yesterday.) This afternoon, we finalized our plans for the week and played shuffleboard. The Gibbys beat the Welches — 103 to 98.

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