City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks

Last night we went up to Salt Lake to see the Christmas lights at Temple Square. It took us forever to get there because the streets were packed and there was absolutely no parking. Neither Sarah nor I have ever seen so many cars in Salt Lake. I was getting aggravated and we were ready to turn around and go home, but we decided to try one last parking spot and finally found a place.

Picture -  Christmas 2006 - Audrey and Sarah visit Santa ClausWe stopped at the ZCMI Center mall so Audrey could sit on Santa’s lap. He was a little skinny, but better than the one we had at R.C. Willey last year. Audrey was a little scared of him, but sat there long enough to take a picture and get a candy cane.

Picture -  Curtis and Audrey enjoy a snowy  night at Temple Square in Salt Lake  CityPicture -  Sarah and Audrey enjoy a snowy  night at Temple Square in Salt Lake  CityJust as we were headed outside to Temple Square, it started snowing hard and blowing. We walked around for about 10 minutes and took a few pictures, but it was took cold to linger outside. Audrey was just kind of passively looking at the lights anyway, rather than getting excited about them. So we packed up and headed home. We did have a good time after all the hassle we had getting there.

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