My work (for most of the last year) – Utah news 2008

Like last year, I’m posting ABC 4’s year in review video. Unlike last year, I wasn’t involved in the behind-the-scenes planning of the recap, since I no longer work there. But when I watched the events of Utah news from 2008, it brought back a lot of memories for me — with the notable exception of the LDS protests after California’s Proposition 8 passed in November, I was directly involved in every one of the stories they showed. (I count boothing the Red Zone show for several weeks a close enough link to the Utes going 12-0 this year, even if I wasn’t there when they finished the job. Congratulations, by the way, to Coach Kyle and his team, for their great season and their Sugar Bowl win last night.)

Anyway, even if my work isn’t so much in the public eye anymore (unless you’re interested in putting your own colors on a customized name tag — I wrote the code that lets you do that), I feel like I helped accomplish something at channel 4 in 2008, with some great people in front of and behind the cameras. (It has been nice to lay off the news fix for a while since I left.)

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