A Year of Wii : Toy Story Mania! (March)

Our game rental this month was Toy Story Mania! — a carnival-derived bunch of mini-games where you throw darts, shoot wooden animals, and roll marbles along with Woody, Buzz and other fun Toy Story characters.

The kids liked watching me play, and Audrey was even able to do some of the games in multi-player mode.   High scores give you tickets, which you use to purchase new games to play.   My first run-through the game seemed rather repetitive and took less than an hour, but then I realized that there were more mini-games to unlock and have fun with.

The Toy Story characters and storylines were a fun addition that made the game more interesting than a similar carnival game that we rented last year. The one annoyance I had with the characters was that some of the voices weren’t done by the original actors — Tom Hanks has better stuff to do than record lines for some Wii game? Ridiculous!

The games are grouped by theme, like Bo Peep’s nature tent and Woody’s western area.   My favorites were Buzz Lightyear’s space place and the Army guys’ military zone.

Overall, this was a good rental, but I don’t think it’s one that we’ll be adding to our Wii collection.   My final score for Toy Story Mania : 7/10

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