What’s so awesome about Sublime Text?



Sublime Text lives up to its name — working in this editor truly is sublime. Far better for me than Notepad++. Jeffrey Way of Nettuts+ has put together a great series of video tutorials that show you how to use all the power of this amazing application. But here’s the highlights from my perspective.


  1. It’s super fast!
  2. Goto Anything (Ctrl-p) — this fuzzy search file list is way easier and quicker than Ctrl-O or navigating through your OS file structure.
  3. Goto Symbol (Ctrl-r) — jump to a function or declaration
  4. Command palette (Ctrl-Shift-p) — Don’t remember where a command is hiding? This is a list of all available commands, filterable by fuzzy search.
  5. Auto-complete — just hit enter on the variable name you’re typing to finish it
  6. Multiple selections — I never thought this would be useful as it is when I first started with Sublime Text, but trust me, it’ll save you a ton of time!
  7. Plugins galore — super easy to add and remove via the command palette!
    1. CaseConversion — convert between lower case, UPPER CASE, Title Case, snake_case, camelCase, PascalCase, etc.
    2. ClipboardManager — paste from your clipboard history
    3. ColorHighlighter — shows colors like #cc33cc in your CSS code as that color when cursor is on top of them
    4. Format SQL — formats long SQL statement to a more readable form
    5. Function Name Display — adds the current function name to the status bar
    6. Goto Documentation (My custom keybinding Alt-F1 FTW!)
    7. Hasher — especially for HTML Entity/URI component encoding/decoding
    8. Pretty JSON — takes that ugly 1-liner and turns it into something human-readable
    9. SublimeLinter — highlights errors in your code
    10. Trailing spaces highlighting and removal
  8. Snippets for frequently-typed phrases

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