2005 Christmas Letter (from the Gibbys)

Happy Holidays!

We have truly had a great year in 2005, full of simple joys and lasting memories. Our greatest joy is for the safe and healthy birth of our daughter Audrey. The first half of the year the time inched by as we anticipated her arrival. (Since then, the year has gone by incredibly fast. Funny how that works.)

We planned on having Sarah’s mom and sisters attend the birth. Her mother was always late delivering so they expected Sarah to be late too, and went out of town two weeks before Audrey’s due date. Of course, Sarah’s water broke twelve days early and only her sister Becca was able to be there. After 23 hours of labor, Audrey Larene Gibby joined our family on July 12, 2005 at 9:35pm.

Audrey is such a contented child. We love seeing her smiles each day and getting excited about all the new fun things she has figured out how to do. She rolls over, plays with her toes, laughs and has just started eating baby foods like rice cereal and mashed-up carrots. She is also just about ready to sit up on her own. We love being parents to her.

Curtis is still working at ABC 4 News in Salt Lake City. He produces the morning news show “AM Express.” In October, the show won a Silver Award from the Utah Broadcasters Association, which made Curtis very proud. His bosses have decided that he’s done graveyards long enough (more than two years and counting) and have now assured him that he’ll be working during the day very soon. Sarah is happy that she’ll be able to sleep with her husband full-time once again.

Sarah is now only working for an after-school program at an elementary school in Murray. She enjoys helping a nine-year-old boy who has Downs Syndrome be a part of the group’s activities. Sarah’s schedule works pretty well for both of us. When Sarah leaves, she puts Audrey down for a nap. Curtis sleeps during the day, ready to get up whenever Audrey wakes.

Before Audrey was born, Sarah wanted to go camping one last time, just the two of us. As soon as the school year was over, we packed our tent and sleeping bags and headed to Jordanelle State Park. It rained and snowed and a raccoon ate half of our food. To escape the worst of the storm, we went shopping and out to eat in Park City for one day. Despite the chilly weather, we had a wonderful time.

We still love our home. We worked hard on our yard during the spring and summer, getting tons of weeds out of the grass. Right now, Sarah is looking forward to putting Pergo in the dining room, kitchen and front room. One of her favorite things to do is compare prices and styles, even if Curtis isn’t quite ready to commit.

We’re looking forward to spending our Christmas holiday with both our families. May you have a great holiday and enjoy the spirit of Christ.

Love, Curtis and Sarah and Audrey Gibby

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