I’m a dad!

Judy (Sarah’s mom) summarized everything really well in her email to the family, so I’ve slightly edited it so it comes from my voice and not hers, but this is mostly her writing:

Late Monday night, Sarah went into labor and after a long and difficult day, she delivered a beautiful baby girl. Audrey Larene Gibby weighed 6 lbs 12 oz and was 19 inches long. She was born July 12, 2005 at about 9:35 PM. She was named after grandmothers on both sides of the family. Sarah had wanted her mom and sisters to be there for the birth, but only Becca (her sister, not mine) made it. Ironically, when Sarah was born, Judy’s two sisters were on the way and missed the birth, too.

Audrey was struggling with jaundice, so you might notice an orange tone to her skin in the pictures. It is over 100 degrees this week and our swamp cooler is not working right. She’s doing better now and her color looks more natural.

I had the week off, but I have to return tonight to my night job as news producer for Channel 4. Sarah is dedicated to making the nursing work, but Audrey is so tired from the jaundice, she has trouble working hard enough to get what she needs. She gets better at each feeding.

I’ve put several pictures of Audrey onto my web site. You can find them by going to http://www.curtisgibby.com/pictures/filter_field=english_group/filter_value=Baby

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