Baby update

You’ve all been asking yourselves, “Where’s our 7 and a half month old update on Nathan Gibby?”   Right here, that’s where.

Nathan has become a very busy baby.   He got into the commando scoot about a month ago, but now he’s full-on into crawling, and he’ll go anywhere in the room if you let him.   He’s constantly pulling himself up on things.   (And of course, falling down onto the floor when he loses his balance.) He even made it up one of the stairs from our family room to our dining room.   He hasn’t hurt himself too badly yet, but I think this kid will be an adventurer and we’ll be rushing him to the emergency room a lot.   I think he could sit up by himself if he sat still long enough to do it.

He’s also moved beyond the world of just breast milk — he likes eating baby carrots, squash, etc. as well as baby puffs and teether cookies.   He does have a couple of little teeth poking through his bottom gums, but I haven’t seen them yet with my eyes.

He loves to watch his big sister Audrey — she’s the most entertaining thing in the world to him, and she loves to comply by talking to him and acting goofy around him.

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  1. Grandma JudyNo Gravatar Says:

    What a great baby Nathan is. Thanks for sharing this update with us. I hope to see him tomorrow.


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